About me

In June 2008, I completed my 4-year training as a bowing and string instrument maker in Hallstatt / Austria with great success.
I’ve been playing the guitar since the age of ten, later I added the violoncello and the violin.
That’s why I deliberately chose the Fachschule in Austria, where you get to know and build a wide range of musical instruments and tried numerous working techniques.
Before, during and after the training, I did various internships or worked for the following violin makers:

2004 Matthias Misch, Erfurt
2006 Matthias Bölli and Jacob Münzberg, Vienna
2007 Martin Rainer, Vienna
2008 Wilfried Ramseier, Vienna Philharmonic
2008 Herbert Rahs, Freiburg
2008/2009 Hagen Schiffler, Laufen a. d. Salzach
2010 Thomas Schiegnitz, Berlin
2010 Janine Wildhage & Christophe Landon, Berlin
2010 Giovanni Lazzaro, Padova / Italy
2011/2012 Peter Volkmer, Potsdam
2012 Wolf Settgast, Berlin

Since 2011 I am an independent instrument maker in Berlin.
On a network of colleagues and related professions in which we exchange ideas, I can also fall back on special questions or requests.